Closing Down

Thanks to the bitch who is linking to my brushes and reposting them (see the link here), I'm shutting down my journal. None of the links to my brushes will work anymore. I will, however, be more than happy to give them to you on AIM. Feel free to send me a message. I'm on as Floating Speck. I will no longer be making my brushes or textures available on Live Journal. Thank you to everyone who left me comments. It really made me feel great.


Edit 10/24/05: I'm slowly working on getting my website up so I can get these back online. I've turned off direct linking (how sad that I had to) but at least people will still be able to get to them. ^_^ Thanks to everyone who has left kind words. I appreciate them!

Affiliates post:

Want to become affiliates? Just reply here and I'll happily exchange links with you. My button is below and hosted with imageshack, so please feel free to use the code in the textbox to direct link. I'm more than happy with a text link or LJ link if you prefer to use those. If you leave me a link to your button, I will use it!